Relationship Advice

Sometimes there are problems in a relationship which threaten its existence. That’s a good time to schedule an appointment with a competent marriage counselor or couples coach. Depending on how severe the issues are, you may simply need to identify some relationship goals and work toward them. If the issues make you lose sleep, feel anxious, depression, afraid or worse, you may want to begin with some coaching for yourself, to sort out what is really the matter. Quite often partners project issues which are really about themselves. Regardless of the challenges you face, getting the support and care for yourself and your relationship will help you get back to the joy of living and loving!

Teresa Ann Foxworthy has been helping couples for over 20 years. Her coaching techniques combine ancient wisdom, contemporary techniques, and a lot of listening to what you are thinking and feeling. Her clients are often senior executives who recognize the value of personal development. Take the first step to living more happily by answers a few questions. Living every day fully, you begin to see how you are not only experiencing it, but are in fact, a co-creator. The key is to be a conscious co-creator. Being a conscious co-creator is one of the highest achievements a human being can attain!


Book a session now CLICK HERE and move your dream into real life. Live the Dream.


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