Coaching for Married Women

If you’re a woman who is unhappy in her marriage, Teresa can help move you forward in your relationship goals. What do you want? Teresa can help you identify your priorities and help you navigate the emotional ups and downs of your intimate considerations. Teresa has been helping women for over 20 years and she can help you too.

If you’re losing sleep over your romantic relationship, it’s time to get some support. Teresa loves empowering women who are struggling in their relationships because she can find the crux of the matter so quickly to help move you into your ecstatic feminine state-of-mind. If you’re ready to move your energy, it will shift your perspective. When we are inflexible, we narrow our choices. But, when we relax into the infinite possibilities, we rise up stronger, gentler, and sweeter.

Weekly sessions by phone will give you the perspective you need to create your Vision of Love & YOUR Vision of Life! Where do you want to live? Who do you want to be? What are you really wanting? How much time alone do you need to feel relaxed? What really needs to be said? Are you being honest with yourself? Can you let yourself laugh and cry? Shake and yawn? Sweat and get angry? Our emotions are really the only thing blocking our progress. So, breathe…relax…let yourself be. Be who you really are.

Authentic self-expression dissolves anxiety, depression, and stress. Societal norms are not always healthy. We need to surround ourselves with uplifting people who support our hopes & dreams. Respect your authentic truth, while being willing to listen to another’s truth. Stay solution-oriented. Make time to feel your inner child and soothe her. Create a responsible space for your inner teenager and let her roar. This is emotional yoga. Release your angst and begin to recognize the infinite possibilities. 


Choose a combination of these COACHING by PHONE Programs:

Connect the dots of your body, mind, heart & soul, so you may integrate the totality of all that you are, all you have been, and all you may yet be. Weekly sessions make all the difference. Discover the freedom of a safe, non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and reality-test your hopes and dreams. Become more of who you really are. And watch the world around you be amazed at the shining light of your precious heart & soul. Imagine the archetype of your innocence, your power, and your joy! Surrender to the Sublime Love of the Universe and trust the grace of it all.



Dating Him for Keeps – There’s preparation for dating, setting intentions, and letting things flow.

Female Led Relationship – Pragmatic steps for Domestic Bliss

FLR Tantra – Connecting the material and spiritual worlds for your happiness.

Goddess Bliss Yoga – Deep dive into your absolute ecstasy.

Honoring the Feminine – Teaching men to honor you.

Love in the 21st C – Understand what has changed in the last 50 years, and what hasn’t.

Love & Spirituality – Connect your heart & soul.

Loving the Feminine – Learn what you need to be happy.

Romantic Paradigms – Explore the archetypes in your vision of Love.

Teach Your Man – Trust, respect, communication, and the power of truth.

Tantra Yoga – Ancient secrets of sexual well-being.



Creating Soul Space – Interior or Exterior Design Consulting

Ecstatic Lifestyles – Consultations for your everyday choices & joy!

Ecstatic Makeover – Hair, make-up, fashion, accessories, diet, exercise, work-life balance.

Waking Up as a Spiritual Being – Coaching to help you navigate your inner landscapes.



Rejuve HQ – Wellness & Well-Being Coaching to help revitalize your zest for living.

Yoga Life Now – Yoga Therapy for your ultimate well-being.

Your Feminine Radiance – Shine the dazzling goddess you are meant to be!



Contact Teresa here for YOUR FEMININE RADIANCE programs.

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