Relationship Advice

There are many schools of thought when it comes to relationship goals and relationship advice. Some feel relationship advice is not useful, and it’s simply up to you, what do you want? Practice asking for it. Imagine some win-win solutions where you are able to enjoy your preferences. Other relationship goals warrant the attachment marriage counseling model, where you and your beloved just hold each other when trouble strikes; believing that most upsets in a marriage come from deep-seated traumas from not being held and loved enough.

As an alternative to traditional marriage counseling, Teresa provides a quiet, safe, and well-appointed space for you and your beloved to discuss what is going on for you. Develop some relationship goals and be willing to hear your partner’s goals. Then approach this discovery process as a profound adventure of the heart & soul. Get out of your head long enough to drop down into your heart and body. From your heart, you will find your soul.

Instead of a marriage counselor, you might just need a couples coach or couples counselor who will quickly bring you back to the party of Life. You came to live in Joy, so be willing to clear the air and move your lives forward, by feeling forward. Love & marriage are affairs of the Heart, though you will have to take care of business. Taking care of business includes personal growth, accountability, delegating responsibilities, and recognizing what needs sorting out. Showing up in your relationship is showing up in your life more than most anything else.


Begin with this quick quiz to begin clarifying your relationship goals.