Relationship Goals

Today, if you are wanting a more fulfilling, romantic relationship, clarifying your relationship goals will help. Let Teresa help you clarify and manage your relationship goals with her relationship advice. As an alternative to traditional marriage counseling, Teresa offers couples counseling based on your relationship goals. These relationship goals are so important that if you neglect them, your relationship will lose its sparkle. Instead of a marriage counselor, usually chosen for serious mental health issues, as your Couples Coach, Teresa will take you on a delightful adventure into your heart and soul, for deeper bonding with your mate, as well as more fulfilling romance.

Begin with a Discovery Session to delve into your favorite ideas. First, you complete this simple quiz and based on your answers, you and your beloved will embark on your first Attunement Journey. These 3-Hour Workshops help you get more comfortable with your relationship goals and explore your romantic paradigm. Your flirting style, fetishes and fantasies will come to life after you first direct address the 5 Food Groups & the 5 Love Languages, which so dramatically impact the quality of affection, caring & support you experience with your chosen beloved.


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