Coaching Program

Does your relationship need help?

Are you going to bed unhappy too often?

Then, you might be ready for the uplifting coaching program offered by Teresa, a professional Couples Coach with 20+ years experience.


Couples today have a lot of the same issues: infidelity, loss of trust, conflict resolution, rekindling passion, communication skills, negotiating agreements. These are just of few. You may have something totally unique, but it’s usually communication, courage, commitment, and compassion that saves the marriage.

Most people give up too soon.

This is why 50% of first marriages end in divorce.

65% of second marriages end in divorce.

And 75% of third marriages end in divorce.

Face it, two unique individuals are not always going to align with each other’s desires, beliefs, values, temperaments, rhythms, dreams, sensibilities, and preferences. But it is our unique differences which can keep the attraction & mutual desire strong, when we learn some basic relationship skills.

That’s where I come in, to help you learn those essential skills.

These skills will serve you for the rest of your entire Life, because Life IS Relationship.

Relationship skills usually help us in our personal, professional, community, and familial relationships. They just take a little time to develop, like any skill.


FIRST, I will learn some details when you complete this simple quiz CLICK HERE.


I will contact you as soon as I can, to schedule your first session and fill you in on details.

That’s how easy it is!

Once you receive my email, you’ll know how to schedule, make payments, and see how I will tailor this program to your unique concerns. Choose from any number of topics.

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