Meet Teresa

Hi, Thanks for visiting! My name is Teresa & I’m an International Relationship Coach, who helps you attract & keep the Love of your Life! Using the Life Coaching model, my famous, 3-Step DATING for KEEPS Program has a 98% success rate: singles are usually engaged or married within a year; couples are renewing their vows & planning their second honeymoon.

This is because I emphasize personal growth & accountability as a means for romantic fulfillment. Of course, there’s no rush. Everyone who has followed my advice is still happily married today. Weekly phone sessions make all the difference.

In-person sessions are available as my retreat itinerary allows. Once accepted into my program, you’ll have weekly sessions to support lasting results. You may also be interested in one my quarterly or annual events: social events, retreats, tele-classes, as well as eBooks, podcasts, and other tools for transforming your Love Life.

I only work with a few people at any given time, to ensure every clients receives the necessary support. If you would like help with your dating or marriage experience, consider your relationship goals, and then contact me to make sure you get the date & time you want, as my schedule is usually booked three weeks in advance.

Call this number to schedule your appointment. (415) 289-2213 or click on my picture & complete the COACHING REQUEST form.