Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling in the 21st Century is going through a huge transformation because of the new social freedoms which most citizen have never heard of, let alone investigated, nor enjoyed. Marriage Counseling is a journey of the mind, heart, and soul and requires one’s true devotion to serving each other to your highest good. Marriage Counseling is a way to be accountable, define boundaries and objectives, clarify your situation, and improve the quality of one’s union. A poet once said, Let there be spaces in your togetherness. Too often lovers hope their mate will rescue them from their challenges. In truth, Life requires a great deal from each one of us.

Imagine that you came to this Life to live fully, intelligently, conscientiously, and joyfully. Then what? There are a few, simple litmus tests to gauge where you are in your marriage. Renew your vows and update them. That will surely stir up the conversation. But, if you have more pressing matters, then indeed, begin with those. “What do you want, how do you feel, what are you going to do today?” Start there. Marriage is a wild adventure. Our values evolve from childhood, through adulthood, into old age. We must awaken to our ability to choose and make agreements. And re-negotiable agreements when things change.

You may need marriage counseling…or just some couples coaching to learn more about the fun ideas that are keeping couples happy.


Talk to me about it. Let’s simplify things with a coaching program which uplifts your spirits to recognize, not only is there hope but indeed a whole new world of wonder awaits you.





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